Epoxy Systems
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Accu Tech Epoxy Systems 2oz 
Part #  EC-2000 2OZ Cartridge  
Part #  ET-2000 2OZ Mixing Tips  
Used for smaller repairs    
Accu Tech Epoxy Systems 5oz           
Part # EC-5000 5OZ Cartridge  
Part #  ET-5000 5OZ Mixing Tips  
Heavy Duty Epoxy For Large Jobs That Take A   
Lot Of Heat To Flow Between Tubes  
2oz Gun      5oz Gun        
Accu Tech Epoxy System          
                   Formulated Specifically For Charge Air Coolers And Other Heavy Duty Applications
~ Absorbs More Heat During Set-Up Process   
~ Cures In 5 to 10 Minutes with a heat gun  
~ Epoxy has a 3 year shelf life  
                      Stic Tite minum Repairing          
Part # Stic-B
  Part # Stic-T  
Stic Tite 54" Coil Type Stic Tite Package (5 sticks)  
Stic Tite For repairing aluminum radiators.  
Remarkably effective. Use like solder. Clean the surface. Heat surface until hot enough to melt Stic-Tite
and then apply a generous amount of Stic-Tite to heated surface. Thus, the plastic is very easy to apply
and makes a long lasting bond.