Gasket Tape

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                              Premium Gasket Tape  
  Premium 1/16" x 100" (GREEN)
    Single Roll TAG GT16-1  
    Case of 10  TAG GT16-10  
    Premium 1/8" x 50" Double Thick (GREEN)
    Single Roll TAG GT8-1  
    Case of 10 TAG GT8-10  
Premium gasket tape offers excellent compressibilty,    
resistance to crushing and memory retention. Premium Premium 1/16" x 6" x 10" (6" Wide Premium
cork and rubber compination covers a broader range of Single Roll TAG GT16-6-1  
applications than standard gasket tapes.   Case of 10 TAG GT16-6-10  
                             Standard Gasket Tape    
    Standard 1/16" x 100" (BROWN)
    Single Roll TAG GT16-1B  
    Case of 10 TAG GT16-10B  
Our standard cork and rubber compound serves the    
needs of many radiator shops doing Heavy-Duty work.    
Forms a watertight seal.