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       Accu Tech Low Temperature Welding Rod System
Blue Rod with Accu Flux  
25 Rods & 3 oz Flux  
The Blue-Rod is a special aluminum/multi-alloy brazing compound designed  
for joining light gauge aluminum.  
Low temperature high strength.  
Blue-Rod has a tensile strength of up to 30,000 PSI with excellent flow  
qualities and working temperature of 600 f  
Wide Range of Uses  
~ Brazing aluminum barbs to AC hose assemblies  
~ Repairing AC line and condenser repair  
~ CAC core repairs  
~ Connecting charge air cooler tubes to header joints  
~ Aluminum radiator repairs  
~ Work with any light gauge aluminum  
Easy To Use  
~ Clean repair area  
~ Use Accu-Flux with Blue-Rod  
~ Heat rod with carburizing flame and dip into flux  
~ Melt flux from rod repair area, keep torch in constant motion until flux  
turns to a clear liquid.  
~ When aluminum appears shinny. Almost silver in color apply Blue-Rod using  
an ample amount of flux to insure a strong, sound joint.  
~ Wash with hot water after pieces cool to remove flux residue.